Cybex–Juno 2-Fix Gray Rabbit Dark Grey B01LWMZ2XX

Cybex–Juno 2-Fix Gray Rabbit Dark Grey B01LWMZ2XX
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  • Cybex JUNO 2-FIX Gray Rabbit,dark grey

  • Cybex JUNO 2-FIX Gray Rabbit,dark grey

  • CYBEX Juno 2-fix

    Safety of the next generation

    The CYBEX engineers worked a long time on a solution for maximum safety for a car seat of group 1, which can be installed forward-faing. The result is named Juno 2-fix.

    The CYBEX Juno 2-fix is based on the Juno-fix, testwinner of Stiftung Warentest in group1 (06/2012) and it scored a very good assessment at accident safety.
    The geometry of the seat and the operation were perfected - including a depth-adjustable safety cushion (applied for patent)

    Adjustable safety cushion
    Maximum safety without cutting in

    The depth-adjustable safety cushion, which is applied for patent, offers much more space for the upper body of the child and a maximum of safety in case of a frontal collision in comparison to conventional harness-systems.

    The impacts of a collision are spread by the safety cushion and reduced by the energy-absorbing material.
    This system is similar to an airbag and helps to reduce the impacts in case of an accident significantly.
    The belt doesn't cut in and the sensitive neck- and shoulder areas as well as the inner organs are protected.

    L.S.P. System Plus
    Optimized linear sitde impact protection

    The revolutionary L.S.P. System (Linear Side-impact Protection) absorbs the impact of a collision.

    The impact of a side collision in a linear chain reaction is removed by the safety cushion on the side as well as the shoulder- and head protectors.
    At the same time in case of an accident the kinetic engery of the body is caught and the head is lead in a safe position.
    Especially the sensitive head and the shoulders are protected by the L.S.P. System.

    ISOFIX Connect
    Extra stability and safety

    The ISOFIX Connect System increases the stability and safety for the whole period of use thanks to the simple click-system.

    The conne

    Cybex–Juno 2-Fix Gray Rabbit Dark Grey B01LWMZ2XX

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